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PAULIE HEALING KIT + Paulie Energy Bath Salt 200g
Ritual baths are best taken at sunrise
Cleanse the mind, body, and spirit and help one release negative or disturbing emotions.
Restore and refresh energy and purify the energy in an environment or within oneself.
Paulie Energy Bath Salt 100g ( SAGE)
This Oragnic Bath Salt is perfect for cleansing
oneself of negative energy and to provide energetic protection.
White sage is a sacred herb that’s been used for centuries by elders to clear and consecrate space.
It’s said to draw positive spirits and discourage the presence of any unwanted energy.
White Sage Leaves, Dried calendula flowers, Pure Sage oil,
Pure Palo oil, Organic Hibiscus oil, Pink Himalayan salt
African Crystal salt, Tea tree oil, 
They all look and smell so beautifully, and they
have beneficial properties for the skin.