Paulie Valentine Soap

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Turmeric Soap
help reduce acne and any resulting scars, Glowing skin, 
Lightens pigmentation,Imperfections and skin lightening
Coffee Natural Scrub
Anti-acne, soothing, exfoliating,
anti-aging, tighten skin, help reduce cellulite.
Reduces puffy eyes. Caffeine reduces cellulite
because of it's stimulant properties.
Exfoliates Dead Cells; When used as a gentle c
offee natural soap, it can scrounge off flaky skin on the face. Firming
and toning skin. Scrub to soften cracked heels,
moisturizes feet and soften them. Help give shine to the hair.
Use this soap three times a week.
Produced by Paulie Organic Care
Compositions: glycerine, Organic ground coffee,
oliv oil, coffee oil, vitamin E
Shea butter,  Glycerine , turmeric powder, vitamin E, olive oil,
Tea tree oil and coconut oil