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Organic Agnus Powder 100G

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AGNUS for Fertility Success

Agnus helps create balance by equalizing the ratio of

progesterone versus estrogen in the body,

thereby fixing hormonal issues that may lead to infertility.

Reduce uterine fibroids,

Generally, this plant is popular for its medicinal

qualities and for over 2,000 years now,

the fruit of Agnus is being used to

treat fertility and hormonal issues in women.


Traditionally, this tea was consumed and used topically for symptoms of acne. By regulating hormones slightly, it can lower your risk of acne, while topical application could directly soothe inflammation.

 Helps in Preventing Miscarriage

Treat those with endometriosis

Treat those with PCOS
Treats lack of ovulation
Treats irregular menstrual cycles
Treats lack of menstrual cycles
and balance the body’s hormones to treat acne-prone skin.